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Mafia Thrillers

Mafia thrillers drag the reader into the secret underworld of organized crime. Certainly, the most well-known organized crime structure is the Italian Mafia - including its American offspring. But there are many others, such as the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta crime syndicate, the Japanese Yakuza, the Chinese Triads or the Columbian drug trafficking cartels - most notably the Medellin Cartel. The gold standard in Mafia thrillers is probably Mario Puzo’s 'The Godfather' which narrates the epic tale of the Corleone family – a story of crime, passion, loyalty, betrayal, and the American dream.

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Don Winslow
City on Fire
The City - Book 1
2022 (First published: 2022)
Two criminal empires control all of New England. Until a beautiful woman comes between the Irish and the Italians, launching a war that will see them kill each other and set a city on fire. The bloody conflict stacks body on body and brother turns against brother. To save his family and the family he has sworn to protect, Danny becomes a leader, a master of the treacherous game in which the winner will forge a dynasty.
384 Pages
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Jimmy Breslin
The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight
1997 (First published: 1969)
Kid Sally Palumbo, a master in the art of murder and a moron at just about everything else wants to be a boos in the Brooklyn Mafia. To prove himself worthy he tries to organize a six-day bicycle race and keep the profits, but he bungles it ridiculously - kicking off a messy mob war instead. - Was made into a major motion picture starring Robert DeNiro.
249 Pages
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John Grisham
The Firm
2009 (First published: 1991)
About a law firm controlled by the Mafia. Fast-paced, smart, with believable characters. One of the best legal thrillers on the market. Made into a movie directed by Sydney Pollack - starring Tom Cruise, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Gene Hackman.  
544 Pages
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Mario Puzo
The Godfather
2002 (First published: 1969)
Puzo's epic novel redefined the public image of the Italian mafia. With Don Vito Corleone's violent struggle to control the underworld of New York we glimpse into an ancient world of honor and vendetta, Italian family tradition, friendship and loyalty were betrayal is punished with merciless vengeance. Made into a famous movie with Marlon Brando, directed by Francis Ford Coppola.  
448 Pages
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Robin Moore
The French Connection
A True Account of Cops, Narcotics, and International Conspiracy
2003 (First published: 1969)
In this true, absorbing and often frightening documentary, Detectives Edward Egan and Salvatore Grosso almost stumble into a case of heroin smuggling that ultimately leads to the seizure of the largest cache of heroin ever picked up in New York. Crime syndicate heads in Canada and France are involved.
336 Pages
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Sophie Lark
Brutal Prince: An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance
Brutal Birthright, Book 1
Aida has never pictured herself getting married. But one mistake ends with her in an arranged marriage to Callum, the heir to the Irish mafia. Cold, ambitious, and brutal, Callum is determined to tame his headstrong bride. But Aida is more than capable of giving as good as she gets - starting with poisoning Callum on their wedding night.
376 Pages
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