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Humorours Crime Novels

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Carl Hiaasen
Bad Monkey
Andrew Yancy Series - Book 1
2014 (First published: 2013)
Andrew Yancy-late of the Miami Police - has a human arm in his freezer. There's a logical explanation for that, but not for how and why it parted from its shadowy owner. Yancy thinks the boating-accident / shark-luncheon explanation is full of holes, and if he can prove murder, the sheriff might rescue him from his grisly Health Inspector gig. But first Yancy must negotiate an obstacle course of wildly unpredictable events. More ...
400 Pages
Carl Hiaasen
Razor Girl
Andrew Yancy Series - Book 2
2019 (First published: 2016)
Merry Mansfield, the eponymous Razor Girl, specializes in kidnapping for the mob. Her preferred method is rear-ending her targets and asking them for a ride. Her latest mark is Martin Trebeaux, owner of a private beach renourishment company who has delivered substandard sand to a mob hotel. But there's just one problem: Razor Girl hits the wrong guy. More ...
432 Pages
Dashiell Hammett
The Thin Man
1989 (First published: 1934)
New York City in December 1932, the last days of Prohibition. Nick Charles, a former private detective, and Nora, his clever young wife are drawn, mostly against their will, into investigating a murder.The case brings them in contact with the Wynants, a rather grotesque family, and with various policemen and lowlifes. More ...
208 Pages
Donald Westlake
The Hot Rock
The Dortmunder Novels - Book 1
2016 (First published: 1970)
John Archibald Dortmunder is the archetypal criminal. Brought up in an orphanage in the Midwest, was arrested twice for robbery, and was briefly married to a nightclub entertainer named Honeybun Bazoom from whom he was granted an uncontested divorce. For reasons totally beyond his comprehension, Dortmunder is chosen to lead a gang of master hoodlums.  More ...
287 Pages
Donald Westlake
Bank Shot
The Dortmunder Novels - Book 2
2021 (First published: 1972)
John Dortmunder has been working an encyclopedia-selling scam while waiting for his next big heist. Unfortunately, his latest mark seems to be wise to the con, and he has to cut his sales pitch short and make a quick escape. Then he has the great idea to steal a bank. No, not rob a bank. Steal a whole bank. What can go wrong?  More ...
238 Pages
Elmore Leonard
Frank Ryan Novels - Book 1
2012 (First published: 1976)
The smallest of small-time criminals, Ernest Stickley Jr. figures his luck's about to change when Detroit used-car salesman Frank Ryan catches him trying to boost a ride from Ryan's lot. Frank's got some surefire schemes for getting rich quick—all of them involving guns—and all Stickley has to do is follow "Ryan's Rules" to share the wealth. But sometimes rules need to be bent, maybe even broken.  More ...
256 Pages
Elmore Leonard
Frank Ryan Novels - Book 2
2012 (First published: 1983)
After serving time for armed robbery, Ernest "Stick" Stickley is back on the outside and trying to stay legit. But it's tough staying straight in a crooked town -- and Miami is a pirate's paradise, where investment fat cats and lowlife drug dealers hold hands and dance. And when a crazed player chooses Stick at random to die for another man's sins, the struggling ex-con is left with no choice but to dive right back into the game.  More ...
400 Pages
Freida McFadden
The Housemaid
Book 1
“Welcome to the family,” Nina Winchester says as I shake her elegant, manicured hand. I smile politely, gazing around the marble hallway. Working here is my last chance to start fresh. I can pretend to be whoever I like. But I’ll soon learn that the Winchesters’ secrets are far more dangerous than my own…More ...
336 Pages
Graham Grene
Our Man in Havana
2007 (First published: 1958)
Mr. Wormold, salesman of vacuum cleaners in a city of power brokers becomes a spy for the British MI6 to earn some extra income. This crisply written spy novel will drag you down with almost unbearable tension, while at the same time make you giggle with its parodies and absurd plot. A true masterpiece! More ...
256 Pages
Janet Evanovich
Hot Six
Stephanie Plum Novel - Book 6
2001 (First published: 2000)
Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum and Trenton vice cop Joe Morelli join forces to find the madman killer who shot and barbecued the youngest son of international black-market arms dealer Alexander Ramos. Carlos Manoso is caught on video just minutes before the crime occurs. He's at the scene and he's the number-one suspect. But he is a former special forces soldier and more than her friend. More ...
368 Pages
Janet Evanovich
Going Rogue: Rise and Shine Twenty-Nine
Stephanie Plum Novel - Book 29
2022 (First published: 2022)
Stephanie Plum knows that something is amiss when she turns up for work at Vinnie’s Bail Bonds to find that longtime office manager Connie Rosolli, who is as reliable as the tides in Atlantic City, hasn’t shown up. Stephanie’s worst fears are confirmed when she gets a call from Connie’s abductor. He says he will only release her in exchange for a mysterious coin that a recently murdered man left as collateral for his bail. More ...
336 Pages
Janet Evanovich
One for the Money
Stephanie Plum Novel - Book 1
2018 (First published: 1994)
Meet Stephanie Plum, a bounty hunter with attitude. In Stephanie’s opinion, toxic waste, rabid drivers, armed schizophrenics, and August heat, humidity, and hydrocarbons are all part of the great adventure of living in Jersey. Out of work and out of money, Stephanie blackmails her bail-bondsman cousin Vinnie into giving her a try as an apprehension agent. More ...
320 Pages
Jimmy Breslin
The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight
1997 (First published: 1969)
Kid Sally Palumbo, a master in the art of murder and a moron at just about everything else wants to be a boos in the Brooklyn Mafia. To prove himself worthy he tries to organize a six-day bicycle race and keep the profits, but he bungles it ridiculously - kicking off a messy mob war instead. - Was made into a major motion picture starring Robert DeNiro. More ...
249 Pages
John Burdett
The Godfather of Kathmandu
Royal Thai Detective Novel 4
Inspector Sonchai Jitpleecheep, half-caste son of a prostitute and an American GI, is a bad-ass cop and gentle follower of Buddha. He hunts down crazy criminals in Bangkok while trying to get promoted by his drug-dealing boss. Hilarious plot - but more complex than it seems.  More ...
384 Pages
Korina Moss
Cheddar Off Dead
Cheese Shop Mystery - Book 1
2022 (First published: 2022)
Cheesemonger Willa Bauer is proving that sweet dreams are made of cheese. She’s opened her very own French-inspired cheese shop, Curds & Whey, in the heart of the Sonoma Valley. The small town of Yarrow Glen is Willa's fresh start – starting with a visit from the local food critic. What Willa didn’t know is that this guy never gives a good review, and when he shows up nothing goes according to plan.
304 Pages
Korina Moss
Gone for Gouda
Cheese Shop Mystery - Book 2
2022 (First published: 2022)
Yarrow Glen’s newest cheese shop, Curds & Whey, has a lot on its plate, but cheesemonger Willa Bauer relishes a challenge. There’s a float to build for the fall festival, plus the French-inspired cheese shop is playing host to celebrity vegan chef Phoebe Winston. But when photos surface that prove this vegan influencer is, in fact, a carnivore, things crumble faster than any cheese on the market: Phoebe is murdered.
320 Pages
Liane Moriarty
Big Little Lies
2017 (First published: 2014)
Madeline is funny, biting, and passionate; she remembers everything and forgives no one. Celeste is the kind of beautiful woman who makes the world stop and stare but she is paying a price for the illusion of perfection. New to town, single mom Jane is so young that another mother mistakes her for a nanny. These three women will all wind up in the same shocking place. More ...
512 Pages
Michael Allen Rose
Embry: Hard Boiled
Our hero wakes up one day to find that some upstanding citizens have been scrambled. The king, his horses and his men are now after our hero for a crime he didn’t commit and proving his innocence is going to be nearly impossible - particularly if you are a chicken. A darkly comic novel noir. More ...
178 Pages
Oyinkan Braithwaite
My Sister, The Serial Killer
This is a dark comedy about Korede, a Nigerian woman whose sister Ayoola has a nasty habit of murdering her boyfriends. Korede has been an ignorant accomplice to her sociopathic sister, but now she has fallen in love with a man. How can she protect her lover from Ayoola's murderous addiction? More ...
240 Pages
Valerie Burns
Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder
Baker Street Mystery - Book 1
2023 (First published: 2023)
In her delicious and charming cozy mystery of this brand-new culinary series with a fresh edge and a delightful small-town setting, the acclaimed author introduces Maddy Montgomery, a social media expert who’s #StartingOver in small town Michigan after inheriting her great-aunt’s bakery…and a 200-pound English Mastiff named Baby.
272 Pages

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Humorous crime novels mock their main characters by means of satire or parody. Their villains may be small-time crooks who stumble from one botched crime to the next. But even their heroes and lead-detectives may be less than perfect. Some would be lazy bums - reluctant to do any sleuth work. Others may be more interested in their own sex affairs or petty crimes than solving their murder cases. Some of the best crime fiction novels combine scathingly hilarious characters with sudden brutal violence.
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