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My name is Gerhard K. Heilig. More than 70 years ago I was born in Munich, Germany, but I have lived most of my adult life in Austria - and, for a few years, in the United States of America. Now I am back in Vienna, Austria, where I enjoy retirement with my family - developing websites, reading (or listening to) crime fiction books, making clay sculptures and helping my wife run a small food manufacture business.
I have read crime fiction books for more than six decades - starting at the age of about 12 as a little boy. While I am not 100% sure, it's quite likely that my first detective novel was an Agatha Christie. If I remember right, it was her masterpiece 'And Then There Were None' (translated into German).
This was a time long before the Internet or even the personal computer. Recommendations for books were given in book stores, by word of mouth or published in newspapers and special journals.
Obviously, I am not a native speaker of English - but much of what I learned of this language I did learn through books - very often crime fiction books and thrillers. After I had started English in high school I quickly discovered that translated thrillers were usually not as good as their English-language originals. From that time onwards I only read English-language crime fiction.

Many years - and probably many hundreds of crime fiction books later - I developed a book review website in 2006, which I registered as At that time, it was one of very few private websites covering short reviews and recommendations of thrillers and crime fiction books. Below are a few screen-shots of this website. It was actually quite successful (for my ambitions) and generated a small income from has been up continuously since 2006 - but in recent years its layout and functionality could no longer compete with more modern sites. I had also neglected to update the content - so many of the new books and authors I had discovered in the meantime were no longer included. It was time to update the whole site.
What you see here is the first implementation of a completely refurbished AddictiveBooks website. It now runs on php against a mySQL database and I have included much more information for each book than was available in the old version (currently, you see only a fraction of what I will - hopefully - be able to publish in future).


My policy for including or excluding books in this website is quite simple: I include what I like, and I do not include what I don't like (or don't know). I have a strong preference for unusual crime fiction books, which are set in exotic or distant locations, feature unusual kinds of characters or develop totally unpredictable plots. I am not a great fan of serials - in which you follow a protagonist through 20 or 30 books. In particular, I hate serials where episodes are just added one after the other - without the leading character getting older or developing as a person. These "assembly-line" crime fiction books - quite often by highly successful bestseller authors - are starting to dominate the publishing world and as a reader I am certainly not happy about it.
Unfortunately, much of the crime fiction published today is full of stereotypes and pre-assembled plot twists. Therefore I am yearning for books based on truly original ideas that are not copy-pasted from a "how to write a crime fiction book" manual.
Since I am now a grandfather, I have also broadened my interest to children's books. I try to select classics that I want my grandchild to read. Finally, I have also included a section on outstanding non-fiction books that I believe everyone should read.

Screenshots from the "old" 2006 - 2021

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