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Thrillers & Crime Novels set in Michigan

Megan Abbott
Beware the Woman
2023 (First published: 2023)
Newlyweds Jacy and Jed venture to Michigan's wilds. A health scare disrupts their idyllic trip, stirring family secrets and surveillance. As Jacy grapples with fear, secrets intertwine with paranoia. In Abbott's gripping "Beware the Woman," dangers lurk both outside and in, leaving readers to wonder: What lies hidden in the cottage's depths, and what's the true source of Jacy's unease?
304 Pages
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Robert Traver
Anatomy of a Murder
1983 (First published: 1958)
Anatomy of a Murder immediately became a number-one bestseller in America, and was subsequently turned into the now classic Otto Preminger film of the same name, starring Jimmy Stewart and Duke Ellington. A gripping tale of deceit, murder, and a sensational trial, unmatched in the authenticity of its settings, events, and characters.
448 Pages
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Victoria Hamilton
A deadly Grind
Vintage Kitchen Mystery - Book 1
When vintage cookware collector Jaymie Leighton spies an original 1920s Hoosier brand kitchen cabinet at an estate auction, it’s love at first sight. She successfully outbids the other buyers and triumphantly takes it home. But that night on the summer porch where they’ve left the Hoosier to be cleaned up, a man is murdered.
304 Pages
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Elmore Leonard
Frank Ryan Novels - Book 1
2012 (First published: 1976)
The smallest of small-time criminals, Ernest Stickley Jr. figures his luck's about to change when Detroit used-car salesman Frank Ryan catches him trying to boost a ride from Ryan's lot. Frank's got some surefire schemes for getting rich quick—all of them involving guns—and all Stickley has to do is follow "Ryan's Rules" to share the wealth. But sometimes rules need to be bent, maybe even broken.  
256 Pages
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Valerie Burns
Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder
Baker Street Mystery - Book 1
2023 (First published: 2023)
In her delicious and charming cozy mystery of this brand-new culinary series with a fresh edge and a delightful small-town setting, the acclaimed author introduces Maddy Montgomery, a social media expert who’s #StartingOver in small town Michigan after inheriting her great-aunt’s bakery…and a 200-pound English Mastiff named Baby.
272 Pages
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