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Thrillers & Crime Novels by Deighton

Len Deighton
Harry Palmer Novels - Book 1
2021 (First published: 1962)
A high-ranking scientist has been kidnapped. A secret British intelligence agency must find out why. What seemed a straightforward mission turns into something far more sinister. With its sardonic, cool, working-class hero, Len Deighton's sensational debut The IPCRESS File rewrote the spy thriller and became the defining novel of 1960's London. More ...
279 Pages
Len Deighton
Horse Under Water
Harry Palmer Novels - Book 2
2021 (First published: 1963)
A sunken U-Boat has lain undisturbed on the Atlantic ocean floor since the Second World War - until now. Inside its rusting hull, among the corpses of top-rank, lie secrets people will kill to obtain. Harry Palmer is sent from fogbound London to the Algarve, where he must dive through layers of deceit in a place rotten with betrayals. More ...
255 Pages
Len Deighton
Funeral in Berlin
Harry Palmer Novels - Book 3
2021 (First published: 1964)
1963 Berlin is dark and dangerous. The anonymous hero has been sent to help arrange the defection of a leading Soviet scientist - in an elaborate mock coffin. But, as he soon discovers, this deception hides an even deadlier truth. One of the first novels written after the construction of the Berlin Wall, the novel revels in the murky, chilling atmosphere of a divided city. More ...
312 Pages
Len Deighton
The Billon Dollar Brain
Harry Palmer Novels - Book 4
2021 (First published: 1966)
Texan billionaire General Midwinter will stop at nothing to bring down the USSR - even if it puts the whole world at risk. Palmer is sent from his shabby Soho office to bone-freezing Helsinki in order to penetrate Midwinter's vast anti-Communist network - and stop a deadly virus from wiping out the planet. More ...
312 Pages

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