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Michael Innes! Michael Innes (2008)
Death At The President's Lodging. House of Stratus
Inspector Appleby is called to St Anthony’s College, where the President has been murdered in his Lodging. Michael Innes is the pen-name of J.I.M. Steward, an eminent professor of English, who enjoys himself by placing a corpse carefully in the middle of an Oxbridge college and letting the readers entangle themselves in his web of plot twists. More...
Jacqueline Winspear! Jacqueline Winspear (2004)
Maisie Dobbs. Penguin Books
Winspear's moving story of Maisie Dobbs may use an outdated female role-model, but her heroine's character and intellect has more substance and depths than can be found in most present-day literature for young adults. The story vividly recreates the period before and after WWI through the experience of a young, intelligent women, who in 1929 has become a private investigator. More...
Ngaio Marsh! Ngaio Marsh (1999)
Vintage Murder. (First published 1936) St. Martin's Minotaur
This classical British murder mystery features Inspector Roderick Alleyn of Scotland Yard on vacation in New Zealand. Alleyn travels by train together with Carolyn Dacres, celebrated actress, and her theatrical company. When an after-performance celebration of the actors turns deadly the local small-town police is glad to have Inspector Alleyn at their help. More...
Sheila Pim! Sheila Pim (2001)
A Hive of Suspects: An Irish Village Mystery. Rue Morgue Press
In the village of Drumclash, Ireland, Pim develops a most eccentric plot, in which amateur apiarist Edward Gildea uncovers the truth of niggard beekeeper Jason Prendergast's death. A weird story. More...
Andrew Taylor! Andrew Taylor (2004)
An Unpardonable Crime. Hyperion
Set in 1819, this Victorian-era suspenseful novel portraits Thomas Shield, a young schoolmaster in Stoke Newington near London who gets entangled with two wealthy banking families. As one of the Bankers is murdered Shield is drawn to the attractive widow. Don't buy this book if you are a slow reader, or if you crave fast-paced action. More...
Carl Hiaasen / Bill Montalbano! Carl Hiaasen / Bill Montalbano (1998)
A Death in China. Vintage
American professor traveling in China gets entangled in a web of violence, lies, treachery, and state secrets, as he investigates his friend's sudden "death by duck". Claustrophobic! More...

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