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James Lee Burke! James Lee Burke (2009)
Rain Gods: A Novel. Simon & Schuster
Texas sheriff Hackberry Holland is called to the burial site of nine Thai women, victims of a battle between gangs fighting among themselves for new territory. He must protect a possible witness to the massacre. Critics have nothing but praise for this fast-paced, tense, and harrowing tale. More...
Anne Holt! Anne Holt (2007)
The Final Murder. Sphere
A page-turner written by former Norwegian minister of justice, lawyer, journalist, and TV news anchor Anne Holt. Her hero, Superintendent Adam Stubo has to deal with a series of grotesquely mutilated and murdered celebrities. Stubo's partner is former FBI profiler Johanne Vik, who suspects that Stubo will be the next victim. Nail-biting tension. More...
Joan Hall Hovey! Joan Hall Hovey (2000)
Nowhere To Hide. AuthorHouse
Ellen Morgan, still recovering from the premature death of her husband, is devastated when her younger sister is brutally murdered. She challenges the killer on a TV show and sets in motion a hunt that will send chills up your spine. A frightning look into the mind of a serial killer. More...
P.J. Parrish! P.J. Parrish (2007)
A Thousand Bones. Pocket
Joe Frye, a lone female homicide detective in the Miami-Dade Police Department, looks back at her rookie years when she was working at the Echo Bay, Michigan police department. Human bones are found in a forest area of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and the hunt is on for a serial killer. More...
Harlan Coben! Harlan Coben (2009)
Hold Tight. Signet
Mike and Tia Baye try to deal with the increasing withdrawal of their 16-year-old son, Adam, after a friend's suicide by installing a spy program on his computer. But Adam runs away and a nightmare unravels. Almost too frightening for parents! More...
Douglas Preston! Douglas Preston (2008)
The Monster of Florence. Grand Central Publishing
Preston and Italian crime reporter Spezi seek to uncover the identity of the "Monster of Florence" - a serial killer who stalked lovers in the Italian countryside. In an incredible twist both authors are charged with obstruction of justice. Spezi becomes jailed on suspicion of being the Monster himself by an incompetent police force more concerned with saving face than solving the case. More...



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