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Dennis Lehane! Dennis Lehane (2003)
Mystic River. Harper Paperbacks
Lehane explores life's darkest corners in a thriller with the depth of an anthropological case study. You won't be able to stop reading until the unnerving finale. More...
Dorothy L. Sayers! Dorothy L. Sayers (1995)
Gaudy Nights. (First published in 1935) HarperTorch
This Lord Peter Wimsey mystery unfolds at the all-female Shrewsbury College at Oxford. Harriet Vane, mystery writer and alumna of the College, comes back for the annual Gaudy night, where she receives a note full of hatred. Some time later she is called back by the Dean because the unpleasant events have intensified. Academic life, mixed with vitriolic hate. More...
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Patricia Highsmith! Patricia Highsmith (1993)
Ripley's Game. (First published 1974) Vintage
Dashing murderer Tom Ripley is playing a nasty game of manipulation on an inconspicuous man, leading to murder and revenge. The resulting chain of events drags the reader into a most unsettling mental state - frozen in fascination, but also terrified by the looming disaster. A dark tale. More...
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Jim Thompson! Jim Thompson (1991)
The Killer Inside Me. Vintage
Probably the most chilling and believable first-person story of a criminally warped mind I have ever encountered. (Stanley Kubrick) More...
J.J. Abrams (Creator) / Doug Dorst (Author)! J.J. Abrams (Creator) / Doug Dorst (Author) (2013)
S. Mulholland Books
The craziest, most unusual mystery book of 2013. A brilliant story filled with secrets, fun and intrigues. This is a must-read for literary puzzle fans...(Publishers Weekly). A book in a book. More...
Nele Neuhaus! Nele Neuhaus (2013)
Snow White Must Die. Minotaur Books
Outstanding thriller from Germany. A small village mystery that is sucking you into a toxic web of human emotions. A nuanced and perfect plot. If you can, read the German original (the translation is less than perfect). More...

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