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Pavel Kohout! Pavel Kohout (2000)
The Widow Killer: A Novel. Picador
In 1945, someone is murdering and mutilating the widows of war heroes in Prague, which is occupied by the German Nazi Regime. Pavel Kohout's novel tells the story of two cops: the young, idealistic Czech, Morava, and the Gestapo officer, Buback, who has a secret agenda. History lesson, packaged into suspenseful thriller. More...
Sandra Brown! Sandra Brown (1997)
Exclusive. Warner Vision
The newborn son of the US President and the First Lady has died suddenly. In an interview with journalist Barrie Travis the First Lady hints that her baby may have been murdered. Barrie soon finds herself a target of sinister threats. A story filled with political skeletons, intrigue, false leads, and long-hidden secrets. More...
John Burdett! John Burdett (1997)
The Last Six Million Seconds: A Thriller. William Morrow & Co
In this fast action-packed thriller Hong Kong Chief Inspector Chan Siukai investigates a triple murder among American gangsters and Chinese warlords - with the transition of sovereignty from Great Britain to the PRC only 6 million seconds away. Violent. More...
Graham Greene! Graham Greene (1991)
Our Man in Havana: An Entertainment. (First published in 1958) Penguin Classics
Mr. Wormold, a vacuum cleaner salesman in a city of power brokers becomes a spy to earn extra income. This crisply written novel will drag you down with unbearable tension, while at the same time make you giggle with its satirical parodies and absurd plot. A masterpiece! More...
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Eric Ambler!

Eric Ambler (2001)
The Mask for Dimitrios / A Coffin for Dimitrios. (First published 1939) Vintage
Ambler's story of a mystery writer in Istanbul, who gets himself involved with the criminal and spy Dimitrios, is a true classic. Dimitrios' corpse has just been fished out of the Bosporus by the police. As the writer sets out to discover Dimitrios' past, someone is stalking him on his trail from Smyrna to Athens to Sofia. More...

John Le Carré!

John Le Carré (2004)
Absolute Friends. Little, Brown;
LeCarré is mad about what he sees as a fraudulent and unnecessary war in Iraq. The hero in his up-to-date novel, Ted Mundy, is an idealistic out-of-business spy from the Cold War era. He is hired by a mysterious benefactor to counter the widespread propaganda on behalf of an Iraqi war. Even if you don't like LeCarré's political slant, his writing is first class. More...


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