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William Diehl! William Diehl (1994)
Primal Fear. Ballantine Books
A sainted archbishop is murdered, mutilated, and dismembered in his rectory. Aaron Stampler, an angelic-looking young man, is found crouched in a confessional, covered with blood, clutching a butcher's knife, swearing his innocence. Martin Vail is the brilliant lawyer who uncovers the horrifying truth about the crime. More...
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John Grisham! John Grisham (2013)
Sycamore Row. Doubleday
Courtroom thriller with lots of legal shenanigans, convoluted plot and a whole menagerie of characters. Not really new - but solid (serial) entertainment. More...
Richard North Patterson! Richard North Patterson (2010)
Degree of Guilt. St. Martin's Paperbacks
Excellent courtroom scenes, high emotions and a complex plot. Patterson's legal thriller is solid entertainment that can captivate you for a while (almost 700 pages). More...
Steve Martini! Steve Martini (2009)
Shadow of Power: A Paul Madriani Novel. Harper
The US Constitution still has language defining African-Americans as three-fifths human. An author has used this clause as the main topic of a new provocative book, triggering racial riots. When he is bludgeoned to death, a neo-Nazi is suspected of his murder. Madriani defends the accused killer. A fabulous, detail-rich legal thriller! More...
Tami Hoag! Tami Hoag (2006)
Prior Bad Acts. Bantam
The story starts in a courtroom but quickly explodes into a fast-paced investigation for rescuing judge Carey Moore, who is attacked for her unpopular decision to throw out evidence from a case. This is a first-rate legal thriller with complex characters and erotic twists. More...
Lisa Scottoline! Lisa Scottoline (2005)
Devil's Corner. Harper Collins
Scottoline's 12th novel was inspired by a real-life drug trafficking case. While Assistant U.S. Attorney Vicki Allegretti is interviewing an informant, he and her partner are shot. Vicki's gutsy investigation of the two deaths leads her to "Devil's Corner", a drug-riddled neighborhood in Philadelphia. More...

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