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top-100 in crime fiction

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Emma Donoghue (2010) Room: A Novel.

A stunning and provocative novel of survival in captivity inspired by the Josef Fritz case, in which an Austrian man locked his daughter in the basement for 24 years. The claustrophobic story is told from the perspective of a 5 year old child.

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Fyodor Dostoevsky (1984) Crime and Punishment.

Dostoevsky's rendering of the student Raskolnikov in 18th-century Russia is a true classic. In a process of moral decline, the impoverished intellectual robs and kills his pawnbroker. As he is hunted down for his crime Dostoevsky tells a surprisingly fast-paced story, full of moral dilemmas and psychological thrill. A masterpiece.

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Janet Evanovich (2012) Notorious Nineteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel.

Another episode of hilarious adventures for Stephanie Plum. Evanovich is giving her readers another few hours of fun entertainment.

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Jean-Jacques Fiechter (1998) A Masterpiece of Revenge.

If you like the high art scene this thriller is for you. In Fiechter's masterpiece of revenge, Charles Vermeille, a world-renowned art appraiser is receiving photographs of his beloved only son. The subtle threats of the anonymous sender quickly turn the elegant world of this civilized man into a diabolic nightmare. The fast-paced, wicked plot has more twists and turns than a Swiss mountain road.

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Gillian Flynn (2007) Sharp Objects: A Novel.

In her thrilling debut, Flynn uncovers the gruesome secrets of a dysfunctional family in small-town America. It is certainly an unusual and captivating read. The horror is creeping up slowly in this dark and twisted story. But for my taste, the characters are a bit too disgusting; there is too much incest, blood and violence. I prefer psychological tension without the repugnant details.

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Tana French (2013) Broken Harbor: A Novel (Dublin Murder Squad).

Mick Kennedy, veteran detective with the Irish national police is investigating the killing of two young children and their farther in this slow-moving, psychological thriller.

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Friedrich Glauser (2006) Fever (First published in 1937)

In his third Sergeant Studer mystery, Glauser spins a surreal tale that takes the reader from Paris to Switzerland and Morocco. Studer investigates the deaths of two elderly women in Bern and Basel. Both are killed by gas leaks, both once married to the same man. Written in a unique matter-of-fact style, this European cult classic reveals the fine line between sanity and madness.

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John Grisham (1992) The Firm.

About a law firm controlled by the Mafia. Fast-paced, smart, with believable characters. One of the best legal thrillers on the market.

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John Grisham (1993) The Pelican Brief. (Reprint Ed.)

Two Supreme Court justices are assassinated. Darby Shaw, a second year law student, finds out why. In a brief she points out a possible suspect to her professor. As he gets killed with a car bomb that was obviously intended for her, Darby is on the run. Mighty men want to suppress the information with all means.

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John Grisham (2013) Sycamore Row.

Courtroom thriller with lots of legal shenanigans, convoluted plot and a whole menagerie of characters. Not really new - but solid (serial) entertainment.

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