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top-100 in crime fiction

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Johan Theorin (2009) The Darkest Room: A Novel.

This excellent plot is deeply disturbing: A young couple, Joakim and Katrine, with two children is trying to make a new home in an old manor house on a desolate island. One day Joakim comes home to discover that Katrine has drowned in shallow water near Eel Point's twin lighthouses.

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Robert Traver (2005) Anatomy of a Murder. (First published in 1958)

Traver's book tells a story of deceit and murder that ends in a sensational trial. Army Lt. Manion has obviously killed tavern owner Barney Quil, the man who allegedly raped his wife. A cunning prosecutor and a determined defense attorney are battling out the convoluted case, with a surprising end. Also a classic Otto Preminger film.

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Sarah Waters (2002) Fingersmith.

This hypnotic suspense novel is a sumptuous slice of lesbian Victoriana, featuring pickpockets (finger smiths), grim prisons, lunatic asylums, and stolen fortunes.

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Hillary Waugh (1999) Last Seen Wearing (Firsst published in 1952).

This classic novel is probably the first police procedural. The story takes place in the 1950s, but is as fresh as if it happened just yesterday.

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Lee Child (2006) Killing Floor (Jack Reacher Series, No. 1)

Child's ex-military policeman, Jack Reacher, finds himself arrested for murder in the tiny town of Margrave, Georgia. But soon he is out and hunting down a gang of vicious criminals who have spun a network of conspiracy to cover up their scheme of counterfeiting. Child's brisk dialogs, economic prose, three-dimensional characters and fast pace make a terrific read.

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Tom Clancy (2002) The Sum of All Fears.

The trademark of Tom Clancy's series of Jack Ryan action thrillers is the accurate description of military hardware and procedure. But there is more than a dramatic story line and nail-biting tension: Clancy has a deep understanding of international political conflicts and he is able to realistically paint fundamental human responses to extreme danger and unbearable pressure.

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Robert Bloch (1991) Psycho.

Psycho all came from Robert Bloch's book (Alfred Hitchcock). The novel, originally published in 1959, describes the events surrounding the profoundly disturbed motel proprietor Norman Bates.

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Tom Clancy / Mark Greaney (2013) Command Authority (A Jack Ryan Novel).

Clancy, the undisputed master of authentic, razor-sharp military and action suspense, has not written this book. But Mark Greaney, who is the real author, has delivered a decent yarn that will be read by many in memoriam of Tom.

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Wilkie Collins (2009) The Moonstone. (First published in 1868)

Like no other, this classical masterpiece of a mystery novel captures 19th century characters and atmosphere. "The first and greatest of English detective novels." (T. S. Eliot)

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Patricia Cornwell (1994) Body Farm.

When it was written in the mid-nineties the Body Farm was a shocking and authentical glimpse into the work of a forensic lab. It hasn't lost its morbid fascination.

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